Book, Music & Lyrics copyright 1998 by SCOTT MARTIN

"Cult Movies" magazine's
Convention 2000; Hollywood, CA.

Early morning wake-up call for the dealer's room.

Cuddling up to the doctor himself -- Forrest J. Ackerman.
It doesn't get any better than this, folks!

The Queens swap B-movie secrets
with the forever radiant -- Dolores Fuller.

"We're Scream Queens, doin' a convention."

One of the greatest purveyors of
B-movie pulchritude -- Ted V. Mikels

B-movie Queen and centerfold siren -- June Wilkenson

"Dollman" Tim Thomerson and one of his favorite dolls.

Giving their all at Bela Lugosi's 118th birthday tribute.

Bela G. Lugosi -- the consummate gentleman.