Book, Music & Lyrics copyright 1998 by SCOTT MARTIN

"Fangoria" magazine's
Weekend Of Horrors
Pasadena, CA.
August 12th, 2000

"You're gettin' to see your favorite Scream Queens
here tonight!"

The Queens exchange decibels with
Hollywood horror master -- John Landis!

"Show up on time and stay in shape
and always lick your lips."

Big kisses, screams and thank-yous for
"Fangoria" editor -- Tony Timpone!

Meet-and-greet the fantastic "Fangoria" fans.

Congrats on a show well done from
actor and B-movie junkie -- Daniel Roebuck!

"Stare at this heaving bust, envious or with lust;
that's alright!"

JJ Rodgers brings out the beast in every man.
(Thanks to the guys at Playground Films;

More "screaming contest" winners