(The Santa Monica Production)
(January - March 2000)

"Campy and full of shtick, affection and great fun."
The Hollywood Reporter

Weekend Calender: Theatre "Best Bet"
L.A. Times

"A nifty little presentation...from an amusing stage show
that recently ran in Santa Monica."
Steve Biodrowski (www.fandom.com)
(re: Fangoria's "Weekend Of Horrors 2000")

"I can't get that damn title song out of my head!"
David J. Hogan
author / critic
"Dark Romance" / "Filmfax" magazine

"A thoroughly enjoyable romp through blood, guts and cleavage.
"SCREAM QUEENS succeeds by never taking itself seriously or running too long.
And the lyrics are more clever than your average parody."

"It's a riot!"
Los Angeles Jewish Times

"SCREAM QUEENS is a generally entertaining bit of lunacy...complete with
audience participation and a set of truly hilarious video examples."
In Los Angeles Magazine

"With an almost 'Rocky Horror Show'-like presentation,
complete with out-of-this-world musical numbers and crazy costumes...
SCREAM QUEENS keeps the audience laughing...cheering and clapping."
UCLA Daily Bruin

"Without question, Scott Martin's SCREAM QUEENS
is the most entertaining new stage musical I have seen
in the last ten years, on Broadway or off.
His creative writing is fresh, brilliant and great fun!"
Dolores Fuller
Actress / Songwriter
"Glen Or Glenda" / "Rock-A-Hula, Baby"

"Congratulations to Scott Martin!
The lyrics are wonderfully cogent and clever.
I loved the whole concept. Everybody in the cast was delightful!"
Gary Owens
Actor / Celebrity voice-over artist
"Laugh-In" / "Space Ghost" / Powdered Toast Man

"What 'Galaxy Quest' did for Trekkers,
SCREAM QUEENS does for horror movies.
It's a fond and fun farce about the folks on the fringes of fame and fandom."
Shari Goodhartz
Writer, "Star Trek: TNG," "Dragonheart: A New Beginning"

"SCREAM QUEENS is a funny, affectionate, tuneful trip down mammary lane."
Tony Timpone
Editor, "Fangoria" magazine

"It wasn't Broadway, but it came pretty darn close."
Tony Timpone
(re: Fangoria's "Weekend Of Horrors 2000")

"I loved it. The songs were great and it's such a cool idea!"
Thomas W. Lynch
Executive Producer, Nickelodeon / Disney Channel

"I've never laughed so hard!"
Lara Daans
Actress / Actual Scream Queen

"SCREAM QUEENS is outstanding.
Clever, well-written, a great show, wildly entertaining.
I'm a fan!"
Dennis Devine
Director / Producer, Cinematrix Films

(The Original Production)
(October - November 1998)

"A sassy musical revue. An affectionate funny tribute
...with something for everyone."
L.A. Times

"SCREAM QUEENS may leave you cheering.
An infectiously high-spirited homage.
No 'boos,' please, you horror fans. Make it 'Bravo!' instead."
The Daily News

"The vivacious cast is a hoot. Martin's genre-tweaking lyrics are hilarious."
L.A. Weekly

"Silly, campy fun. An audience pleaser (with) clever musical numbers.
Skip 'Bride Of Chucky;' you'll have more fun with these dolls."
Backstage West / Dramalogue

"This campy, fun-filled audience interactive show...
could easily gather a crazy cult following all over town."
The Tolucan Times

"SCREAM QUEENS is the perfect musical that shows that these gals
have talent and they can act, too!"
Linear Cycle Productions

"Clever musical ... have a screamingly fun-filled time!"
Barbara Sylvia, KCSN Radio

"Recommended. Go see it!"
Tom Hatten, KNX Radio

"Highly recommended!"
Joseph Stefano
Screenwriter / Producer
"Psycho" / "The Outer Limits"

"SCREAM QUEENS is the most fun, inventive musical you've never seen.
Great tunes, genuine laughs and a can-do cast. See it and enjoy!"
Jeffrey B. Hodes
Writer / Producer, "3rd Rock From The Sun"

"I screamed with laughter!"
Renee Taylor
Oscar-nominated screenwriter / Emmy-nominated actress
"Lovers And Other Strangers" / "The Nanny"

"SCREAM QUEENS catches the cheap-o horror genre by the throat
and shakes every last bit of comedy out of it."
Chris Bearde
Creator of every major TV show in history

"So entertaining -- it's scary."
Diane Wilk
Executive Producer, Fox Television

"One of the finest evenings I've ever spent in the theatre."
Douglas Urbanski
Producer of over 30 plays and musicals on Broadway and in London
Winner of the 1998 BAFTA Award for Best Picture

"What a show! What a night!
I haven't heard that many screams since I lived in New York."
Ivan Menchell
Playwright / Supervising Producer
"The Cemetery Club" / "Time Of Your Life"

"Frighteningly funny!"
Paul Buccieri
Executive Producer, "Penn & Teller's Sin City Spectacular"
Senior Executive V.P. of Program Development, Chris-Craft Television

"It's funnier than 'Cat Women Of The Moon' and the songs are better, too!"
Rich Proctor
Disney Imagineer

"It's the genius of Scott Martin's lyrics and Adrea Gibbs' choreography
that continue to endure long after the initial run of this production has ended."
Laura Schiff
West Coast Contributor; "Femme Fatales" magazine

"They nailed it. I was really blown away by Scott's words.
It was as if someone had sat beside us at the conventions and absorbed everything.
It really encapsulated the whole experience (of being a scream queen),
all aspects of it, and I thought the lyrics were clever and brilliant.
It was really funny."
Brinke Stevens
Actress / Producer / Actual Scream Queen

"Wonderful! Great fun! Had the best time!
It was really accurate. They showed the sad side of the business
as well as the happy side."
Linnea Quigley
Actress / Producer / Actual Scream Queen

"More fun than having to work with the real B-Movie actresses themselves!"
Rick Sloane
Director / Producer / Screenwriter
"Vice Academy" series

"Can't wait for the sequel!"
Dan Golden
Director / Producer / Screenwriter
Concorde / New Horizon Pictures