Book, Music & Lyrics copyright 1998 by SCOTT MARTIN



Tonya (JJ Rodgers) made her ear-splitting film debut in
"The Texas Mixmaster Massacre."

Nadine (Jean Carol) is lunch for a blood thirsty pool boy in
"Attack Of The Daylight Vampires."

Tonya (JJ Rodgers) as the kick-ass amazon warrior in
"Revenge Of The Barbarian Bitches."
(clip courtesy of Dennis Devine)

DeeDee (Alexandra Raines) vs. a bimbo-eating python in
"The Curse Of The Psycho Snake Breeders."

Leading up the big gore-soaked final scene in
"Full Moon Slumber Party" with Alexis (Anita Morales),
Bianca (Amy Tolsky), Nadine (Lori Lee Gordon),
Tonya (Natalia Schroeder)
and Richelle (Andrea Buchanan).

Tonya (JJ Rodgers) defends her virginity in
"Sorority House Bloodsuckers."
(clip courtesy of Dennis Devine)

Sweet Pea stars in the unforgettable "Jurassic Pork."
(clip courtesy of Dan Golden)

Stopping traffic at the 75th Birthday Bash
for the Alex Theatre in Glendale, CA.

"It's hell but it's still a job!"

The Queens from Chicago
Brooke Sherrod as Richelle and Julie Boesch as DeeDee
(not pictured: Samantha Fitschen as Tonya)
(and John Pieza as the Announcer)

The Queens meet their King at the KLSX studios in L.A.

Doing a special show for the
UCLA/Santa Monica Hospital volunteer staff.
(photo by Thomas Neerken)

Staff supervisor gets the invoice for the show!
(photo by Thomas Neerken)

"Scream Queens ... B-movie babes just makin' a living.
Scream Queens ... Shakin' our tits and payin' the rent."

"Sometimes we get to do bits in major studio hits,
'Cause no one thinks we can handle the lead.
But when we star in a horror movie
Then we got all of the talent we need."

"I wanna be like Fay Wray,
The perfect damsel in distress;
Clutched in the hand of a big hairy ape
Wearing not much of a dress."

"Look out, he's gotcha cornered in the kitchen,
Gotcha cornered in the bedroom;
Gotcha cornered and you're all alone."

"Still in demand; yes, I'm still in demand
By twelve-year-old gawkers who think I have knockers
From Fantasyland."

"Everybody starts at the bottom.
That's how you got to play the game.
And never squawk about the kind of schlock
You must do before you're a name."

"And I'm alright, Momma;
'Cause actin' in a movin' picture
is a good way to get richer,
And since it ain't in the scripture
don't keep callin' it a sin!"

"We're gonna shoot south of the border.
We're driving down to Mexico.
We have to flee from the unions in Hollywood.
They could stop production for good.
If they caught us filming, they would!"

"That bimbo in the poster,
She's not the real me.
But that's what every boyfriend
Expects that I should be."

"If you'd like to do the sequel
And avoid most of the gore,
Just don't go into that nursery
And don't answer that telephone
And don't, don't, don't open that door!"

"He never splurges, he never spends
Except when he wants a new Mercedes Benz.
But Roger Corman always left a big tip for me."

"Scream Queens might say goodbye,
But Scream Queens never really die!"